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A Colorado summer isn’t complete without outdoor concerts and live music. This Pairing, created by Adam Lancaster, is designed to bring even more fresh music your way. Given the theme “color,” Adam chose songs to match artworks in the DAM collections. So put your headphones on, jam out and discover some new bands—links to each song are below!

About Adam: Adam Lancaster is a 20 year music industry veteran in Denver who’s most recent role as Music Supervisor at Dynamite Laser Beam where he selected music to combine with visual images in commercial, TV and film. Adam also writes and produces music as well as creating video content as a videographer. 

About Adam’s Pairing: Over the years I’ve learned that a person’s creativity is best when it’s immediate and unadulterated by internal or external influences. That being said, for this Pairing, I went with my first reaction to each artwork. Whether is was an emotion, a color or something ironic that struck me right away, that’s what I went with. 

"Maps" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

"Red Orange Yellow" by The Photo Atlas

"All Around the World" by Dinosaur Pileup

"What’s Love Got to Do With It" by Tina Turner

"This Blue World" by Elbow

Even though you might be spending more time outside this summer doesn’t mean you should neglect your great indoors. For this Pairing, we teamed up with Amanda Lezan, interior design guru and store manager of Mod Livin’ Modern Furniture. Amanda found furniture counterparts for artworks representing the theme “Texture”. This Pairing brings a dose of freshness from the outdoors inside—good thing you made room by spring cleaning!

About Amanda: Full-time slinger of modern and mid-century modern designs at Mod Livin’ Modern Furniture’s brick and mortar in Denver, Colorado. Part-time collector of all things reflective. Likely spotted walking about Capitol Hill with a travel cup of invented cocktail shooting the breeze with one of my near/dear.

About her Pairing: As a girl who spends more time than one should admit to lurking design blogs and auction catalogs, a proper excuse to do so was warmly welcomed. For me, texture as the first consideration was an unusual way to notice designs that are, in my day-to-day, first and foremost judged on shape and function. When a customer regards a beautiful pair of vintage Danish armchairs, for example, their initial thoughts aren’t about the feel of the teak’s grain. It’s more of an assessment of the chair’s bones. Upholstery and foam can be changed to one’s tastes. This exercise was a fun pair of glasses to have on at work the last couple weeks.

Spring has sprung! To celebrate we invited Lindsey Housel, Manager of Digital Engagement Programs at the Denver Art Museum, to create a fresh Pairing of artworks and flower arrangements. 

About Lindsey: Shrubs, trees, plants and flowers have been a part of my life in a big way since I was a kid growing up in Oregon and I have my dad to thank for that. He had (still does) a small landscape business complete with a fleet of lawnmowers, acres of Japanese maples, greenhouses filled with hinoki cypress and seasonal blooms. Our own yard showcased the most beautiful rhododendrons, roses, and azaleas. My memories are vivid with trillium blooms peeking out from the forest floor, tulips happily announcing Spring and fragrant hyacinth peeping up from the black, rich soil. Today those memories feed into a love, no… obsession, with floral design and perfumery. I sneak these things into every free moment I have outside of my work at the Denver Art Museum and even manage to sneak it into our programs every once in a while!

About Lindsey’s Pairings: Each of the artworks inspired me in different ways but I knew from the beginning I wanted to choose floral designs that mirrored the artwork. The bamboo screen begged for a pairing that mimicked it’s structure and form—I challenged myself to think beyond a bamboo based design; the Spring tapestry demanded arrangements dripping with color and abundance—so I went with the naturalistic arrangements of Sarah Ryhanen and Amy Merrick and threw in a weeping willow for good measure; the velvet bathrobes were meant to be paired with the velvety texture and confidence of the deep purple iris; while the war shirt requested single blooms gathered from the field; and finally the vase practically taunted me to try and find an arrangement that would complement its iridescence, color palette and shape. 

This Valentine’s Day edition of Pairings is brought to you by candy maker Becky Geller. Becky matched sweet treats to artworks from the DAM collections based on the theme “fragile”. The result? Literal eye candy. Even better: recipes included below.  

About Becky: I started making candy for gifts to family and friends about a decade ago, after reading an article about chocolate truffles in ReadyMade Magazine and taking over the English Toffee Christmas Tradition from my mother. The hobby briefly turned into an organic, all-natural confectionery business, but I’ll still make you some candy if you’re really nice! Now I write about food and life at Omnivora Review

About Becky’s Pairing: Some of these pairings are based on appearance or form, but most are textural. I thought about sugar as a medium and about how these artworks would be recreated using confectionery techniques. Try it yourself! Click on the links below for recipes.  

Sugar Syrup from Fresh Food in a Flash

Molasses Sponge Candy from Gourmet Magazine

White Chocolate Tart with Candied Meyer Lemon from Sweet Style CA

Roses & Gold Rosewater Tart from Sprinkle Bakes

English Toffee from Omnivora Review

Cotton Candy at Home from Sugar Baby by Gesine Bullock-Prado

Joe Cahn, Reference Librarian at Denver Public Library, teamed up with a few of his colleagues to deliver a “character”-themed Pairing of artworks and books. It’s an art-inspired reading list that covers all the bases—genre, culture, time period. Dig in!

About Joe: I’ve worked in the Reference Department of the Denver Public Library since 1996. Born in New Jersey, I’ve lived in New York and California, but Colorado is where I’ll stay. Books have always been central to my life. Before becoming a librarian, I clerked in a book store and did marketing and editing for several publishers.

About his Pairing: I’ve taken a very literal approach to this project. Some of the books I’ve read; some are recommended by colleagues. All of the books mentioned are available at the Denver Public Library.

Just in time for the start of the holiday season, Nicolas Farrel, co-owner of Mondo Market, has put together a pairing of cheeses and artworks connected to the theme “pattern”. Get inspired to create an artistic cheese plate for your next get-together!

About Mondo Market: Mondo Market is a source for a wide spectrum of quality local and imported items, from cheeses and charcuterie to spices and condiments. Mondo Market began on the internet in 2009 and is now a brick and mortar store located in Denver.

About Nicolas’ Pairing:  Being that this is the first time anyone has ever asked me to pair cheese with art, I considered textures, flavors, and literal food pairings. Cheeses in their own right are works of art that are brought to life and have a beginning, middle, and end. I saw connection between cheese and art in that both are influenced by their surroundings. In both, artists and cheese makers utilize local resources, historical events, and their hands to forge an original creation.

For this installment of our Pairings program, we asked Hey! Party Collective to design a table setting related to the theme “Harvest” and inspired by select objects in the DAM collections. 

About Hey! Party: Hey! Party Collective is the party planning dynamic duo of Nicole Lowery & Christie zumBrunnen, who love to collaborate closely with a bevy of their favorite creatives and makers in Denver. As event planners, stylists, designers and notorious dance party starters, they are intent on pushing the envelope, while keeping it sophisticated. Check out their work on their website!

About their Pairing: Hey! Party drew from the texture and colors of a Samoan Bark Cloth for the overall color palette and feel of the table setting. Individual details—the flatware, napkins, votives, chandelier—are based on elements of a diverse collection artworks, including paintings, hunting tools and masks from different cultures cultures. 

Pairing: Heat + Tran Wills, Fashion Stylist

Pairings are art-inspired match-ups, designed by Denver creatives using the DAM collections. We asked local stylist Tran Wills to create a fashion mood board based on works of art on view at the DAM related to the theme Heat. 

About Tran: Hello! My name is Tran. Lover of all things fashion, art, design, music + food. Mama to 4, adoring wife to an amazing graphic designer, Josh Wills. Co-Owner of Super Ordinary, Brick & Mortar General Store and Base Coat Modern Nail Salon x Gallery here in Denver, CO. I’m also a fashion stylist, social media ninja and creative consultant in my spare time. 

About her Pairing: Ha! I do not mean to be so literal, but  when I got this fun project it was literally one of the hottest days in Colorado! I was super excited about the theme “Heat”—it made me daydream about fall and fall fashion. Fall is the most exciting time of year for me and the fashion industry. So a lot of layers, metallics and dark bold colors and creamy neutrals ran happily in my mind! For some reason I really loved the gold sculpture. I chose to pair it with an amazing woman who styled herself with perfection, personality and such strong confidence!