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Friday afternoon - time for things to get a little unruly.  DAM Master Teacher of Digital Engagement, Lindsey Housel, recently spoke at a Creative Mornings event about creativity and rebellion.  She crowd sourced a list of favorite rebel songs, which we promptly played during Untitled #66 (Rebel Rebel).  So channel your inner Bowie and get ready for the weekend with this radical musical menagerie.  For more inspiration, check out Lindsey’s full talk here.

Denver writer, actor and dance master, Mitch Slevc recently roamed the DAM at Untitled #65 (Say Anything), penning spontaneous poems for visitors. He also put together this magical music mix filled with songs about language and love.  

Check out the playlist Brandi Shigley of B. Sue (below) created for Untitled #63 (Au Naturel). A little French, a little Whitney - the classics.

Ladies Fancywork Society in front of their crochet garden.

Their influences include Disney songs and Ludacris, so get ready to hear a little bit of both in this master mix from the crochet mavens Ladies Fancywork Society (LFS)

Our friends at Denver Public Library’s Fresh City Life do amazing workshops at Untitled throughout the year.  Hear the music that they jam to over in the Library (they’re in a separate room - shh!)  Here’s a pic of their mastermind Chris Loffelmacher at a recent Untitled.

Hear the tunes that sound scape artist Sarah Chung, of Pillow Garden, loves the most.  She made this super sweet playlist for us and performed in the Modern & Contemporary art galleries at Untitled #54 (Turf).

Ally Seeley is an e-textile whiz - she taught a workshop at Untitled #56 (Current) and made this playlist for the night, enjoy!

Local creative Megan Quicke worked up some mix tape magic for Untitled #57 (Darn).  During Untitled, Megan taught a skillshop in woolly repair (She’s standing in the back right of this pic).  She knows a ton about coffee too.

Check out this playlist created by Buntport Theater for Untitled #58 (Getup).  The members of Buntport are the masterminds behind the amazing monthly performance Joan and Charlie Discuss Tonight’s Theme.