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It’s the middle of the week, so maybe you’re looking for a little pick-me-up. Mar William, of The Concoctory, created a playlist for Untitled #67 (Chain Reaction) that is guaranteed to spark some energy. All you need to do is press “play”!

Friday afternoon - time for things to get a little unruly.  DAM Master Teacher of Digital Engagement, Lindsey Housel, recently spoke at a Creative Mornings event about creativity and rebellion.  She crowd sourced a list of favorite rebel songs, which we promptly played during Untitled #66 (Rebel Rebel).  So channel your inner Bowie and get ready for the weekend with this radical musical menagerie.  For more inspiration, check out Lindsey’s full talk here.

Denver writer, actor and dance master, Mitch Slevc recently roamed the DAM at Untitled #65 (Say Anything), penning spontaneous poems for visitors. He also put together this magical music mix filled with songs about language and love.  

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Slam poetry goddess Suzi Q. performed an original poem inspired by Roxanne Swentzell’s Mud Woman Rolls On at Untitled #65 (Say Anything). 

Untitled # 65 Say Anything

Check out the playlist Brandi Shigley of B. Sue (below) created for Untitled #63 (Au Naturel). A little French, a little Whitney - the classics.

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Sonic artist Jason Corder scoured the DAM for unique noises (listen for elevators and water fountains), resulting in a site-specific soundscape performance for Untitled #59 (Undercover).  During the night, Corder performed his concert of found sounds inside Ernesto Neto’s Walking in Venus Blue Cave.  Visitors wandered in and out, while Corder responded with this mesmerizing tune.

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Friday afternoon tunes.  DJ Man Mantis created this sweet soundtrack for Wonderbound dance company as part of the Nick Cave performance at Untitled #58 (Getup). 

The amazing singer-songwriter Esmé Patterson created a new song inspired by the architecture of the Hamilton Building for Untitled #53 (Aftermath).  As part of our ongoing MakeARTtalk series, Patterson performed the song for Untitled visitors.

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Boulder poet Rebecca Eland wrote this piece, inspired by Elegy to the Spanish Republic No. 172 (With Blood) by Robert Motherwell for Untitled #44 (Road Trip).

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At Untitled #44 (Road Trip) visitors checked out their own personal poet to wander the galleries with. Boulder writer Andrew Schelling shared this piece, inspired by Mt. Blanca with Ute Creek at Dawn, by Stephen Hannock.